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The power of choice is in your hands when it comes to fibre broadband. Moving to high-speed fibre connectivity doesn't mean you're bound to your existing provider – you have the freedom to choose the broadband service that best suits your needs!

Watch our short video and learn more about moving to fibre and what you should consider when moving;


Is your new Fibre slow? Do you pay for Superfast Broadband but it's not what you were expecting? 

If you, a friend or a family member are experiencing problems with slow Broadband, then it might not be the Broadband causing the issue.

Watch this video showing how a local couple who recently upgraded to Fibre experienced a slow and frustrating service and how Zack, their friend and neighbour, helped them access the speeds they should have been experiencing.

Once you've watched it, you can access Speed Checker for free using the links below;

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