Mobile phone base station: radio waves and health information

The GCRA and 5G in Guernsey – our role and important contacts

The GCRA is an  independent Authority with responsibility for telecommunications licensing and regulation in Guernsey.

The GCRA does not set policy, which rests with the States of Guernsey. It is for this elected Assembly to decide if, for example, 5G technology should be introduced in Guernsey. It is then our role to issue licenses in accordance with that policy and to ensure that telecoms operators meet all of the terms of their license, including the agreed emissions levels from mobile telephony masts.

States of Guernsey telecoms policies

It is recognised, however, that there is considerable public interest in 5G technology. Working with the appropriate States Department in Guernsey, and our partners at Ofcom and other internationally recognised Authorities, we are compiling a library of content about 5G. We hope this will help inform and stimulate public debate around this new technology.

This library is not exhaustive and the GCRA does not express a view on any of the content. We welcome suggestions for articles or reports which are from accredited or internationally recognised organisations or individual experts to be added. As a guide we would expect any suggested inclusion to be peer-reviewed or to have been published in professional medical or technical journals.

The GCRA will not amend, abridge or edit in any way the content on this site.

Anyone wishing to express support or concerns about 5G technology should address their views direct to the appropriate Government Department, or to their individual political representatives. We have listed below some useful links.

The GCRA cannot respond to questions about policy.

We hope you find this resource useful.

The GCRA & Ofcom:

The GCRA works extremely closely and to the same standards as Ofcom ( and the following link provides a significant amount of advice regarding: Mobile phone base stations: radio waves and health

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